TtTA for Tuesday, 13 Sep

Things to think about as you read Ong, Carmody, and Parry for Tuesday:

  • When reading Ong, consider to what extent you find his core argument compelling, i.e., that technologies shape meaning in our society, encourage us to act and think in certain ways and discourage us from acting and thinking in others.  What examples from your own experience can you point to to support your view?
  • Carmody extends and adds some nuance to Ong’s position in his two pieces.  Does Ong’s argument make more sense or prove more compelling to you after reading Carmody’s extensions?
  • Parry takes this kind of argument about the role of technology in shaping culture in a different direction by addressing the term “new media” head-on in his two posts on FLOW (an excellent site for many things media, by the way, if you want to stay and poke around a bit).  Does his argument about digital networked media strike you as more or less accurate than Ong’s?  Why do you think that is? Is there something about experiencing a medium at it’s origins, when it’s still being formed in a culture, that changes how we think about it?

Also, as always, consider keeping the discussion from this week about speech and writing going with a text response for Monday.  And you might start looking into the other short assignments available in the Portfolio…you never know what you might find! 😉


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