TtTA for Tuesday, 20 Sep

As we move into discussions of the next major cultural medium change, from print to recording and on to broadcasting, I’d like you to Think About a few Things:

  • Read the three pieces assigned for Tuesday
  • As you read consider the extent to which this cultural shift to the new medium of motion pictures (and soon enough, accompanying sound) brought similar changes to the ways people interacted and communicated as writing and print did centuries before.
  • But also, in what ways did the advent of motion picture recording and broadcasting generate a number of new ways of interacting and communicating that people had not seen before?  What kinds of impacts did these new media technologies and practices have on people’s day to day lives?
  • Write something! Remember, while Text Responses are key format with which to engage the course, there are lots of different ways to develop your thinking and make progress in the course, so consider trying something new.  (If you have questions about the way a particular assignment description is worded and are seeking clarification, feel free to email me.)

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