TtTA for Thursday, 22 Sep

I appreciated the discussion today on motion picture photography and what it adds to our collective mediation of cultural experiences.  But we need to also talk this week about broadcasting as a technology that both amplifies and collapses the temporal displacement of motion picture recording.

To do that, I’d like you to look at two short additional pieces this week that specifically address broadcasting as a technological development of film.  First, read this wiki page on “liveness” from the Dead Media Archive, a website maintained by the NYU Dept. of Media, Culture, and Communication.  The page does a good job concisely laying out some basic aspects of this fundamental facet of broadcasting.

Second, read this post by Steven Hyden on one important implication of something called “Peak TV,” a term du jour for describing the situation we find ourselves in today with abundance in television programming.

They’re both fairly short, and of course you can write Dailies and/or Text Responses about them, but regardless, they’ll give us just a little more context for thinking about the implications of the advent of broadcasting.


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