TtTA for Thursday, 20 October

A couple of things for next time.

First, please complete the “What’s Your Plan?” assignment and email it to me (not post I as it originally indicated).

Second, I’d like you to spend a little time (5-10 minutes) with each of the following tools:

As you interact with them, consider the extent to which you have (or feel you have) control over the tool:

  • Is it clear what you are being asked to do (ie, what the tool is for)?
  • Can you do what you want with it?
  • Are there things you’d like to do after using it that you cannot?
  • Also, compare these tools to video games you have played: how does the feeling of control express itself in those games as compared to with these tools?

Once you’ve conducted this reflection – and perhaps you would like to use what you produce as an example in a Text Response for this week – consider, what are the benefits of greater interactivity of the kinds we’ve been thinking about this week? What are the potential problems?


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