TtTA for 8 Nov

Next week, we shift to another set of related changing practices, those of building and developing community and shared experience.

Please look at:

  • Nancy Baym “The New Shape of Online Community
  • Tim Carmody “Three-step dance
  • (If you looked at the homework earlier in the week, you saw the Campbell and Kelly readings assigned also, but I’ve moved them to Thursday so they can wait a day or two if you like.)

As you read, consider the ways you have interacted with others online beyond just checking in with face-to-face friends and family.  When you interact with someone you don’t know IRL, are those experiences different than when you do know them? How so? When you perform your identity as a fan online – in forums, chat, or on fan sites – do you find yourself interacting in ways that are shaped by the form of the medium in which you interact?


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