Laws and Codes in Our Lives

How deeply are regulations intertwined in our daily lives? What laws and codes have affected our lives, and in what ways? We crowdsourced these questions in our class today.



  • Compulsory Education
  • Driver’s licensing laws (specifically, for 16 and 17 year olds)
    • Also, paying for speeding tickets for 17 year olds)
  • Robbery – less likely to be robbed.
  • Hacking – less likely to be hacked.
  • Allowing women to take on credit debt.


  • Copyright.
  • Jury duty laws.  Specifically, lack of limitations of frequency.
  • Visa procurement laws. Long, complicated process.
    • Requirement for police statement re: good behavior.



  • Konami code: cheat code that allows more power-ups in most games.
  • Copy/Paste.
  • CMD+Spacebar. Search through all your files.
  • CNTL+0 resets browser view to standard.
  • Hard drive encryption. Stolen drives are protected.
  • Photoshop layer creation/movement. Allows you to fix errors easily.


  • CSS protections on old DVDs.
  • Power+Enter on Macs automatically shuts down.
  • Remote webcam access.  Asst. Principals spying on students.
  • Popups
    • advertisements.  Annoying interruptions.
    • “Are you sure you want to leave?” Annoying interruptions.
  • Double-tap in Instagram “likes” instead of zooms. Not intuitive.







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