Showcase Schedule

I didn’t receive responses from everyone, but as I mentioned in my email, I’ve assumed “no response” means “no preference.”  So based on those who have posted design documents on their blogs, we have eleven projects whose showcases we’ll spread over the two days, with a few minutes set aside one day for course evaluation forms. This will mean each showcase will have about ten minutes for both presentation/discussion time and questions from the class.

Here’s the schedule (homework is required unless otherwise indicated):

Tuesday, 29 November:

  1. Jacob’s “Ultimate ARG.” Homework: none.
  2. Zach’s “A Simple Game.” Homework: play the game on his blog (once it’s posted).
  3. Tessa and Jillian’s “The lottery in different media formats.” Homework: (recommended) look at the blog post (when posted, here’s Tessa’s blog) and play the game there.
  4. Ashlee and Bryce’s new media and music project. Homework: none.
  5. Grace’s streaming media audiences project. Homework: none.
  6. [Moved to Thursday] Jordan’s new media and hype project. Homework: none.

Thursday, 1 December:

  1. Jordan’s new media and hype project. Homework: none.
  2. Sam’s “History of Cameras: Film vs. Digital.” Homework: none.
  3. Phoebe’s “Erased Twine Project.” Homework: play/read her game on her blog.
  4. Darby’s project. Homework: “Just watch a few of the scary videos I linked to my Prezi, read some scary posts if you’d like.” (Her blog.)
  5. Esme’s fan communities and new media project. Homework: none.
  6. Josh’s military communication project. Homework: none.

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